Arthur Manyengedzo
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Trained at Chapungu Sculpture Park under Ronnie Dongo and later Ignatius Zhuwakiyi & Dina Baradza at the age of 19.


Chapungu Sculpture Park at the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, South Africa.


Arthur was born in 1979 in the Masvingo Province to a family of farmers. His brother, Arab Manyendedzo, is also a well-renowned `sculptor. Arthur developed an interest in the arts at the age of ten. He started by moulding clay animals and making clay pots, turning his hand to stone in his late teens.

As is the case with many Zimbabwean sculptors, at the age of 19, Arthur started by apprenticing with a senior artist – in his case Ronnie Dongo, son of Joseph Ndandarika who was one of the founders on the Shona sculpting movement. After a year of formal apprenticeship he started to work alongside other artists at Chapungu and was most influenced by Ignatius Zhuwakiyi and Dino Baradza.

Arthur prefers to work in a semi-abstract style and carves human figures, animals and birds. Sometimes the ideas come from his own imagination when he looks at the raw stone, he explains, at others he has dreams which direct him. In the early days he struggled to buy tools and raw stone but through perseverance and the help of fellow artists he has become one of the most successful artists at the Chitungwiza Arts Centre.

Arthur is an emerging young sculptor from the latest generation and is gaining recognition in the international art community. His sculptures have been bought by galleries and collectors from the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Canada, Australia and Korea.