Christine Drummond
alegria do carnaval baianas walk blue moon market bountiful
Alegria do Carnaval Baianas Walk (SOLD) Blue Moon Market (SOLD) Bountiful
colorful township confettis e serpentinas couleurs des tropiques domingo de praia
Colorful Township (SOLD) Confettis e Serpentinas Couleurs des Tropiques Domingo de Praia (SOLD)
domingo de sol folia do carnaval happy nature moonlight favelas
Domingo de Sol Folia do Carnaval Happy Nature Moonlight Favelas (SOLD)
Noite no Pantanal Tropical Market Working Day  zig zag market
Noite no Pantanal Tropical Market Working Day Zig Zag Market (SOLD)
Domingo Carioca (SOLD) Celebrating Carnival (SOLD) Grand Favella (SOLD) Baina No Coquerial (SOLD)
Market Vidigal Swamp
Market Gathering (SOLD) Vidigal (SOLD) Swamp (SOLD) 

“The ultimate goal of art is JOY.” –Gotthold E. Lessing

Joy is what I want to bring to people through my paintings. Joy through the choice of colors, the theme, the life and movement I bring to the canvas with each stroke of my palette knife. When I complete a painting, my strongest wish is that those who see it will be drawn into it and want to be part of the happy atmosphere. If people feel good when they look at one of my pieces, if my paintings brighten their day in any way, then my mission as an artist is completely fulfilled.

Christine was born and raised in Brazil and received her formative education at the French Lycee in Rio. Exhibitions of her artworks currently include New York, Miami, London, Paris, Sydney, Ghana, Rio, and Sao Paulo.