Dominic Benhura
Balance Act Check me out seesaw Gymnastic
Balancing Act Check Me Out See-Saw (SOLD) Gymnastics
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Balance Party Girl Mama Swing Me Tippy Toe
ag9 10 1924 1976
Please, Higher Mama Stretch Trio Chorus (Untitled)
ag9  1924 1976
Swing Me Mama Queen of Hearts Up and Down The Pose  

Dominic Benhura has emerged as a Zimbabwean sculptor who is known and respected outside of his "backyard", and indeed outside of his country. He began his career in sculpture at the age of ten when he studied under his cousin, Tapfuma Gusta, a Master Sculptor. Dominic sold his first piece professionally to architects at the age of twelve. His work is bold and daring and he captures balance and movement both physically and emotionally. His prime motivation is to explore new ideas, concepts, techniques and methods and to express and communicate powerfully simple ideas. Nature, family and the relationships with his children are Dominic's main inspiration for his sculptures.

Dominic is an artist who represents in his sculptures many things with which people can identify, whatever their culture or race. From "Swing Me Mama" to "HIV Friend", Benhura captures moments in time that we have experienced ourselves or known others to experience. There is a direct link between sculptors and their sculpture- Benhura is a man of social consciousness, strong family values, hope and optimism about his country. He is a lover and conserver of nature. All these things about him are evident in his sculptures.

Dominic has had many solo international exhibitions. He also has large works displayed in public spaces such as airports, parks and museums in the US, Italy, Belgium, Germany and Australia. His work is renowned for its trademark architectural simplicity, in which he studied briefly, and for the exceptional ability to express emotion through form rather than facial expression, which he leaves unformed to heighten the universality of humanity.