Katie St. Clair
Cadence Into the Black Earth How Wise are the Young It's Only Time
Cadence Into the Black Earth How Wise Are the Young It's Only Time Before Waves of Sand Speckle Their Feathers and Carry Them Deep into the Ground (SOLD)
The River that Weaves Words Yield
The River that Weaves Words into the Land (SOLD) Yield  

My large-scale landscapes weave layers of paint into fragmented photo collages of highly detailed images of nature. I gather these images from first hand experiences within my environment and, most recently, from roadside locations that challenge my assumptions about where nature is most vibrantly manifested. When painting I am mining for seemingly vague connections to create very specific sensation.

My nose inches from the ground, the texture of chalk in my mouth.

Movement that has been frozen in time, like a rabbit’s reaction to a snapping branch.

Water that is no longer wet to your touch, while the muck from the mornings walk still clings to my boots.

Primal knowledge, to need, to see, to feel these things before we go.

It is a highly exacting process to create such a space. A collage is a layering of experiences, most of which are felt and not seen in their absence. Images that hold tense conversations, textures that rub shoulders, the weaving composition that holds these complexities while also guiding direction. These choices create an atmosphere, in spatial form rather than a linear understanding.

I believe in the power of displacement, how the process shows us things we may have overlooked. When we become aware of all the subtleties around us, we open a new world into ways of seeing.

-Katie St. Clair