Lucy Azubuike
shades of grey 1 shades of grey 2 shades of grey 3 25
Shades of Grey 1 Shade of Grey 2 Shades of Grey 3 '25'
1 is black black 1 is black black 2
'1' Is Black Black? 1 Is Black Black? 2  

"I render my work through varied media: photography, painting, performance, installation, sculpture, video art. My art is informed by chance interactions. Artistic forms created unintentionally, present convenient means for me to address the issue of Perception shift. The ability to see beyond a presented object and the capacity to perceive different views from a given notion, is paramount. I continually pursue ideas of exploring different views, which challenges people's pattern of observation. It is my desire that people stop for a moment, in order to grasp the magnificent creations from conscious and subconscious action."

Wear and Tear series;

"This series was conceived as a result of observing posters pasted on every nook and cranny of streets which constantly changes into something else, through the blend of wear and tear by humans and the effect of weather. The resultant effect is often a magnificent painting, caricature or abstract forms of colours and images. This act strikes me as one of our daily struggles to be at the fore front, to be in charge and to be heard. Thousand and one questions come to mind especially; what survives this process of wear and tear? What do we choose to see and who is in charge after all?"

-Lucy Azubuike