Ngoni Mrewa
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Apprentice to sculptor Thomas Mrewa, at age of 21.


Born on June 13, 1958, in the Mrewa District, Zimbabwe, Ngoni (Erasmus) began sculpting at the age of 21, in the steps of his brother, Thomas Mrewa,, a prominent sculptor considered part of the founding sculptors to reestablish the art form in Zimbabwe. Ngoni’s education included many workshops to enrich and further his art form over the years.

Ngoni (Erasmus) states, "I get the ideas from my mind and from other things I see in the bush and mountains." His work has been shown prominently throughout the international art community in Cape Town, South Africa; Germany, the United States, and "all over the country."

When speaking of his inspiration, Ngoni Mrewa, one of the most prominent sculptors explained, "The sculpture is already hidden in the stone - I just it let out."