KUABA GALLERY is a premier contemporary art gallery featuring a diverse collection of paintings and sculptures by internationally and locally established artists.

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Dominic Benhura

His work is said to be daring and bold as he strives to capture balance and movement physically and emotionally in his work. Inspired by nature and his family, the family dynamic is a theme found often throughout his work. 

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Ablade Glover

Dr. Glover is a painter who has found a style of his own which is instantly recognizable, working in oils on canvas with the palette knife. He believes that when we look upon a crowd of people, we do not see people really, we just see color, and movement, that is what he tries to capture in his people and market panoramic scenes.

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Christine Drummond

Christine was born and raised in Brazil and received her formative education at the French Lycee in Rio. Her vibrant works are based on her childhood.

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