Kuaba Gallery offers distinctive, authentic, and original contemporary African and Art of the Diaspora. So much of what has been seen in the western world about African art is artifacts. The pieces are mostly primitive art that was used for ancient and religious practices. 
As time and beliefs have passed, art has evolved.
Africa has been described as the continent of over a thousand cultures and beliefs. There are parts of the continent where one can find distinct cultures, with their own lifestyles and languages living in the same area. Despite this diversity, there is a ‘common language’ that expresses ‘Africans’ throughout the continent.
This language is art.
Many African artists have excelled in painting, sculpting, and other art forms. These artists strive to create art forms that reflect their own personal and cultural backgrounds. Furthermore the artist’ express new ideas about the struggle to deal with difficult and rapidly changing African environment during the modern time. All of these various expressions are created in stone, metal, wood, ceramic, textile, basketry, and canvas.
Kuaba Gallery is dedicated to bringing African art and art of the Diaspora to the 21st Century.
We look forward to providing a unique and original look for your home.