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Kofi Agorsor was born in the Volta region of Ghana. He completed Ankle College of Art in Accra in 1989 after a two-year stint studying architecture. Agorsor works predominantly in painting and sculpture but he also has a vibrant musical practice.

In his paintings, Agorsor uses pulsating colors that become an interpretation of the essence of lived experiences of modern Ghanaian. His subject matter borders on the generic but rendered often in a buoyant, semi-abstract and witty manner. His canvases
may be sparsely populated; often with a solitary figure in a sensuous pose, two lovers
enjoying the presence of each other or they may be very populated, inhabited by
crowds of market women or glitterati at events.

Some of the canvases may be encumbered with splashes, drips and flows of paint that intertwine to become forests or mazes of enchantment. His sculptures are an embodiment of spontaneous

Agorsor also leads an Afro-fusion jazz group that performs his compositions at many events, locally and internationally. Additionally, he remains a humble contributor to local children’s homes in Ghana.

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